Saturday, May 10, 2008

Peak Oil Principal Players

I will update this list as I learn more.

James Howard Kunstler - New York

  • free-lance journalist and novelist
  • leading Peak Oil commentator
  • author of over a dozen books
  • frequently speaks at seminars, on TV, and in the press
  • books of note: The Long Emergency and World Made by Hand

Matthew R. Simmons - Texas

  • banking executive and oil industry insider
  • leading Peak Oil commentator
  • frequent guest speaker
  • frequent press interviewee
  • frequently consulted by government leaders
  • web site is the is #1 Peak Oil site on the net
  • author of Twilight in the Desert: the Coming Saudi Oil Shock and the World Economy

Jeffrey Rubin - Canada

  • Chief Economist and Strategist for the World Markets Division of the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
  • frequently makes accurate predictions on oil futures

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