Monday, May 12, 2008

Peak Oil Quotes

So many of these guys say the most compelling things. Most are one-liners. Here's a sampling in no patricular order.

James Howard Kunstler

"... [Friedman] asserts that globalism is now a permanent feature of the human condition. I demur from this view. I think we will discover (probably painfully) that globalism was a set of transient economic relations made possible by a half century of cheap oil and relative peace between the great powers ..." -- Kunstler's CFN -- 16 April 2007

"Others have said (and I concur) that 2008 will be the year that the issue of Peak Oil not only takes stage in the forefront of American politics, but pushes global warming aside as the most immediate threat to the "modern" way-of-life. There is every reason to believe that the world has arrived at its all-time oil production peak -- and some statisticians would even pin-point the exact moment as July 2006." -- Kunstler's CFN -- 31 December 2007

"We'd better begin a public debate about whether it is feasible or desirable to construct any new nuclear power plants. If there are good reasons to go forward with nuclear, and a consensus about the risks and benefits, we need to establish it quickly. There may be no other way to keep the lights on in America after 2020." -- Kunstler's CFN -- 14 January 2008

Matthew R. Simmons

Peter Golden

"When people lie, they know they are doing something wrong. But when they just make things up, there's no consciousness of right or wrong at work. It seems morally okay to live in a fantasy world -- and this is much more pernicious to the public discourse than lying." -- Kunstler's CFN -- 10 September 2007


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